Self on the Shelf Immersive Interactive Video Mapping Art Installation
Spring/Break Art Show, March 6-12, 2018

Through immersive interactive projection mapping, video art, illustration and animation, Laia Cabrera and Isabelle Duverger, in collaboration with interaction designer Nicola Carpeggiani, created a child's bedroom and bring it to life as it responds to a series of clues or hints, which were given to visitors as they enter the room.
Extracted from a 2012 journal entry about Chris' son and his relationship with James, his first Elf on the Shelf, the concept of this stranger from the North Pole was born.The dramatic visual effects transformed the room as the viewer explores feelings, emotions and limits between reality and fantasy.

Spring Break Art Show, as part of Armory Arts Weeks - 4 Times Square, New York, NY - March 6-12, 2018
Artwork on sale here:

Christine Miele, Curator
An Immersive Art Installation by Laia Cabrera and Isabelle Duverger
Interaction by Nicola Carpeggiani

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Deutsches Haus 40th anniversary Video Projection Mapping, New York City, Sep 22, 2017

Video projections by award-winning artists Laia Cabrera & Co. transformed the walls of Deutsches Haus at NYU in celebration of its 40th anniversary.

Deutsches Haus at NYU, 42 Washington Mews, New York City
September 22, 2017, 8-10pm, with previews on September 21




St. Jordi in New York: Dragons & Books & Roses projection mapping,
Deutsches Haus, New York, NY, April 21, 2017

As part of the world-renowned Catalan festival "St. Jordi in New York: Dragons & Books & Roses", visual artists Laia Cabrera and Isabelle Duverger (Laia Cabrera & Co.), will emblazon the NYU building of Deutsches Haus at NYU with flying dragons, dancing roses, and books, on Friday, April 21st, at dusk (around 8 p.m.).

Video projections by award-winning artists Laia Cabrera & Co. will transform the walls of Deutsches Haus at NYU with a visual evocation of literature and legend in the heart of Greenwich Village. Laia Cabrera & Co's work has been awarded and featured internationally in landmarks like the Tempietto di Bramante in Rome, the historic Georgetown Canal in Washington, D.C., St. John the Divine Cathedral, Times Square, and the White Box Art Gallery in New York.

Deutsches Haus at NYU, 42 Washington Mews, New York City
April 21, 2017, 8-10pm, with previews on April 18 and 21

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Aire, Visual Concert for Nomads in Poughkeepsie, Hudson Valley, NY, June 18, 2016

"Aire – Visual Concert for Nomads” is a cinematic, musical and poetic piece created and directed by Javier Moreno (composition, double bass) Laia Cabrera (filmmaker and video artist) in collaboration with Isabelle Duverger (animation and projection mapping) that travels through time and space, for those seeking permanently, never having the feeling of forever.

"Aire – Visual Concert for Nomads” is supported by NeighborWorks America and Arts Mid-Hudson, in cooperation with Poughkeepsie Open Studios. The project is made possible with funds from the Decentralizated Program, a rectand program of the New York State Council on the Arts with the support of Governor Andrew Cuomo, and the New York State Legislature, and administrated by Art Mid-Hudson.

The Poughkeepsie Underwear Factory - June 18, 2016 - 8 North Cherry St, Poughkeepsie

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Genius Loci Weimar Video Installation Exhibition, April to August 2016

Our latest video installation in Weimar, Germany, in the itinerary exhibition "Genius Loci" at the Goethe National Museum and more (see itinerary below). The installation is designed for the Tempelherrenhaus miniature model.

Created and designed by Laia Cabrera and Isabelle Duverger
Artistic Director: Laia Cabrera
Video Mapping & Animation: Isabelle Duverger
Sound Design: Laia Cabrera & Co. and Erica Glyn
Performers: Jonathan Royse Windham, Catherine Correa, and Rosa Godia Cabrera

The piece is about the transitory nature of life and our intent to grasp, capture the instant. We were inspired by the transformations and history the Tempelherrenhaus has lived through.

April 11 to August 16, 2016 - Goethe National Museum, Weimar, Germany



Shifting Gaze at Georgetown Glow, DC, December 11-20, 2015

Shifting Gaze is a film-art-music installation about choice, desire and memory conceived and directed by Laia Cabrera (filmmaker and video artist) and created in collaboration with Erica Glyn (music, composer and singer) and Isabelle Duverger (animation and mapping). Shifting Gaze is a film about identity, about making choices, a  memory in act.Drawing from the body, faces, urban patterns, nature and remains of activity, the piece explores a notion of choice, linked to desire and memory –choice being the present, memory representing the past and desire, the drive for a future. Underneath these mirrored imageries lie many stories about limits, freedom and self-perception. Shifting Gaze was commissioned by Georgetown Business Improvement District, and sponsored by Jamestown Properties and Georgetown Park with the support of Spain Arts and Culture.

Shifting Gaze at GLOW was projected on the main Wall of the Georgetown Canal as a site-specific  immersive video mapped installation - C&O Canal wall, at 1064 Wisconsin Avenue, NW at the rear of Georgetown Park, December 11-20, 2015

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Aire: Visual Concert for Nomads - Art All Night: Nuit Blanche DC, September 26, 2015

Cinematic, musical and poetic proposal that travels through cities, memories and time, exploring the nomadic nature of our lives.
Laia Cabrera: film director, filmmaker and video artist / Javier Moreno: Musical Director, Composer & double bass
Isabelle Duverger: projection mapping, visuals and animation
Musicians: Amy Kang, cello; Amanda Lo, violin; Roman Filiú, alto sax; George Dulin, keys; Jeff Davis, drums
Aire is a cinematic, musical and poetic piece designed as a site-specific visual concert created and directed by Laia Cabrera (filmmaker and video artist) and Javier Moreno (composition, double bass) in collaboration with Isabelle Duverger (animation and projection mapping), into an allegory of images traveling thought time and space and powerfully scored by an original musical suite for those seeking permanently, never having the feeling of forever.

Aire at Art All Night DC: September 26, 2015 - Bank of America Building, 722 H St NE, Washington, DC 

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Untitled Mind, Indoor Outdoor Video Installation, Nuit Blanche, Washington DC, 2013

Projection Design, Video and Sound Installation by Laia Cabrera and Isabelle Duverger
Based on an original idea by Catherine Correa in collaboration with and awarded choreographer Alexandre Proia
Directed by Laia Cabrera / Choreography by Alexandre Proia

Dancers: Catherine Correa and Jonathan Royse Windham
Cinematography and Editing by Laia Cabrera and Isabelle Duverger / Music by Javier Moreno Sanchez

"Untitled Mind" is a multilayered mapped interactive projection design conceived as a short film video dance piece that explores the otherness in the self, focusing in the idea of the mirrored one, the creative ability, the dream, the unconscious mind.

Video and Sound Installation as part of the Nuit Blanche - Art All Night DC
Wonder Bread Factory, 641 S Street NW - Washington, DC, September 28, 2013

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Aire Multimedia Performance Concert, Tempietto - Rome, 2014

Aire is a multidisciplinary performance created by Javier Moreno in collaboration with Laia Cabrera, Isabelle Duverger and Isabel Cadenas Cañón, which combines contemporary Jazz with poetry, video-art and mapping, inviting the audience to experience an adventure through the senses, where love and traveling are intertwined in an inseparable way, telling the story of the ephemeral and the eternal.

Javier Moreno - Musical Direction, composition and bass
Laia Cabrera and Isabelle Duverger - Film Direction, Projection Design, Videoart and Animation
Isabel Cadenas Cañón - Poetic Creation and Performance / Lucia Miranda - Assistant Stage Manager
Francesco Lo Cascio - Vibraphone / Francesco Diodatti - Guitar and Sound Effects
Marcello Allulli - Saxophone / Ermanno Baron - Battery / Prisca Amori - Violin / Matteo Scarpelli - Cello

Tempietto di Bramante - Roma, Italy - June 28, 2014


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Night by Charles L. Mee, Theater for the New City - April 24th - May 10th 2015

2015 NYIT Award for Outstanding Performance Art Production
and Nomination for Outstanding Innovative Design (Projection Design)

Directed by Ildiko Nemeth / Laia Cabrera & Isabelle Duverger - Projection Mapping, Visuals & Animations
Federico Restrepo - Lighting; Egle Paulauskaite - Costume; Galway McCullough - Fight Choreography
Cast: Beth Dodye Bass, Dana Boll, Adam Boncz, Kaylin Lee Clinton, Sophia O.C., Catherine Correa, Geraldine Dulex, Markus Hirnigel, Brian Linden, Galway McCullough, Brandon Olson, Jeanne Lauren Smith, Chris Tanner
World premiere of Night (Thyestes 2.0), a movement theatre piece written by Charles L. Mee and directed and designed by Ildiko Nemeth with projection design and visuals by Laia Cabrera and Isabelle Duverger. Inspired by Seneca's Thyestes, the piece combines sections of the classic tale with an equally dark modern vision. A whirlwind of vivid scenes bridges the torture, murder and cannibalism dogging ill-fated Tantalus to modern plagues both frightening and banal, from war crimes to YouTube vapidity.

Theater for the New City, NYC - April 24th to May 10th 2015

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"Reebok - City In Motion" Triptych Video Installation — New York City, 2014

Triptych Projection Design, Videoart and Animations by Laia Cabrera and Isabelle Duverger
"City in Motion" Reebok Creative Hub and Spain Fresh
Presenting the music video clip that came out from a joint venture from young Spanish artists that pay tribute to the 80s' techno pop hit song "La Ciudad en Movimiento" from the legendary Spanish band Aviador Dro, featuring BFlecha, Tomás Peña, Krizia Robustella, Elena Gallén, Cruz Castillo and John Sage.
Special guest: Juliana Huxtable, dj set (Shock Value, NYC)

White Box Art Gallery, New York City - December 1, 2014




Cosmicomics Multimedia Theater Play, Dixon Place - New York, 2014

2014 NYIT Award Nominated for Outstanding Innovative Design (Projection Design, Videoart & Animations)

Dixon Place and The New Stage Theatre Company present world premiere of COSMICOMICS, an original multimedia theatre piece inspired by chapters of Italo Calvino's matchless novel of the same name, with projection design, video art and animations by Laia Cabrera and Isabelle Duverger.

Dixon Place Theater - 161A Chrystie Street, New York - March 28 - April 19, 2014





Pikolinos Pop-Up Store Video Installation Mapping, Meatpacking District, NYC, 2013

Projection Mapping, Video & Sound Installation, Video-Art & Animations by Laia Cabrera and Isabelle Duverger
Creative Direction, Production & Branding by Laura Valenzuela and Bea Merry (Merry + Valenzuela)
Interior Design by Alejandra Perinat

A two-floor video installation with mapping right in the heart of the Meatpacking District. Upstairs a video installation based on the three collections: the Maasai collection, the Colors collection and the fantastic Spring/Summer shoe and bag collection. Downstairs in the store cellar, the "Maasai Lab in the Cellar" was conceived as a sensorial and multimedia experience for all audiences to discover the Maasai culture and promote creativity. Through sounds, video, textiles, objects and interaction, you will be able to explore, understand, feel and experience the landscapes of Kenya, the beauty of its fashion, the work of these women and the significant involvement of Pikolinos with the non profit ADCAM, which allows the Maasai women to sustain their entire community.

Store open from April 16th, 2013 to January 28, 2014
Pikolinos - 32 Gansevoort Street, New York City, NY-10014

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Garden of Delights of Arrabal, Multimedia Theater Play, 2012


2013 NYIT Award Nominated for Outstanding Innovative Design (Projection Design, Videoart & Animations)

The New Stage Theatre Company updates Arrabal's tale of Lais' dazzling and bizarre journey in this mesmeric production directed by Ildiko Nemeth, with video projection designers Laia Cabrera and Isabelle Duverger. Through a carefully crafted imaginary, the play depict some of the ways that today's culture - celebrity-obsessed to an unprecedented degree - and the preponderance of certain primal behaviors within that culture, may inform the audience's interpretation of Arrabal's premise.

Performing at The Theater for the New City, New York from November 15th to December 2nd, 2012


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Ronensbourgh by Beatriz Cabur, IATI Theater - May 21th- June 7th 2015

Directed by Ignacio García-Bustelo - Projection Mapping, Video & Animations by Laia Cabrera & Isabelle Duverger
Jennifer Sipila | Set Designer - Porsche McGovern | Lighting Designer - Alfredo Tauste | Sound Designer

Yuko Nakao | Costume Designer - Soraya Padrao | Line Producer

Cristina Ayon-Viesca | Assistant Director/Stage Manager - Cristina Perez Ballesteros | Production Manager
In Co-Production with AENY | Spanish Artists in New York
Cast: Claudio Bandini - Mateo Franco - Sara Gozalo - Begonya Plaza - Francisco Reyes

The Heiber family lives in a world that's rapidly crumbling, plagued by flawed and outdated social and political models. Meanwhile a group of aristocrats, led by Helmut Ronen, is creating the perfect city as the answer to all society's problems: RONENSBOURGH. Ronensbourgh is a very contemporary and highly experimental piece, written in a Heiner Müller's style. The play possesses relevant questions about identity, society and home; about the conception of those ideas, and the dislodging of the very things our society holds as important.


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Shifting Gaze, a Video-Art-Music Installation, 2010-2011

Closing Region Zero, Latino Video-Art Festival of New York, at the KJCC at NYU, New York, March 26, 2011
Opening Spain Art Fest'14, Times Square, New York, Oct 6-7, 2010 Outdoor video & sound performance

Shifting GAZE is a site specific installation presented for this occasion with 17 canvases and four projectors, Indoor with live visuals and sound. "Shifting Gaze is about CHOICE, DESIRE and MEMORY. The piece challenges self-expression and invents new forms of desire, breathing life into the medium and navigating on a new notion of choice, linked to desire and memory, choice being the present, memory representing the past and desire, the drive for a future. What we want (desire) is linked or conflicting with what is expected from us (identity, memory), and choice is the act upon which we build ourselves." Laia Cabrera

Creation and artistic direction: Laia Cabrera / Video recording, editing and live visuals: Laia Cabrera
Music Production, Composition Lyrics and Sound Design: Erica Glyn
Animations and projection mapping: Isabelle Duverger


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Video KJCC - Video Times Square

Claim Your Place at Centro Español New York, May 26, 2010
with Nuria Legarda, Laia Cabrera and Isabelle Duverger

"Claim Your Place" is presented this time as a video-installation performance that sits somewhere between filmmaking, theater-dance, digital art and sound design. This project explores beauty, desire and violence.
Indoor video-installations 40 x 10 ft projected images on 15 canvases, 2 streams of video. 2 performers and 3 musicians.

Creation: Laia Cabrera and Nuria Legarda
Video recording, editing and live visuals: Laia Cabrera / Performance: Nuria Legarda
Still Photography and live visuals: Isabelle Duverger / Music: Erica Glyn, Nana Simopoulos
Installation Design: Laia Cabrera (NY), Isabelle Duverger (NY-PARIS), Nuria Legarda (BCN)
Artistic Collaboration: Caryn Heilman, Leo Castro and Cafe Da Silva




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