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QUALIA, 2019

An Immersive Interactive Cinematic Art Installation
by Laia Cabrera, Catherine Correa and Isabelle Duverger

Music and Sound design by Erica Glyn & Nana Simopoulos
Interactivity Design by Aniol Saurina Masó

Text by Maria Litvan

“Qualia” is an immersive infinite space video and sound art installation about mapping the mind; an experiential interactive exhibit about perception and interpretation. The brain is an alchemist where memories are the bedrock of consciousness and the body is the vessel of our identity. The Video Installation Art becomes a theatrical stage where things appear, move across, and then disappear, where awareness becomes attention and your brain fantasizes your conscious reality.


Conceived as a crafted film with sequences of slow-moving, dream-like scenes and symbolic images, surrealism and hyperrealism, nature, neurons, micro and macro merging together creating a story that unfolds across a series of immersive interactive scenarios. The work uses color, motion, music, drama, humor, light and darkness to confound expectations, flattening space through animation and abstraction, or heightening the illusion of three dimensions.


An ordinary tableau becomes a dreamscape, the brain is an airport, a train rail. The mind is a magician, The body is the self, an archetypal memory of the collective unconscious, the necessity to deify the singular, the culture of the One?

We want to bring the audience an alternative experience where they are no longer passive spectators and actively enter the very heart of the piece where ‘universal time’ continues to exist in parallel with an inner perception of time — a back door — intimately associated with our sense of personal identity and unshakable condition that the future is still “open” to our chosen actions.

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