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Sincronizada Theater Play - Microteatro, Madrid, Spain, September 2017

The ex-champion of synchronized swimming tries to forget the tragedy that occurred in the last Olympics but her duet partner doesn't allow her.
Through different performative languages such as dance, videoart and projection mapping, sound design in the space, we immerse ourselves in the deepest of these tormented characters in a fight against themselves.

Written by Mar Gomez Glez | Directed by Laura Madera
Cast: Goize Blanco and Ángela Chica
Scenography and Video Projection Mapping by Laia Cabrera & Isabelle Duverger

Sound Design by Alberto Bernal
Produced by Laura Madera | Technical Director: Joseba Ibarra

Microteatro Por Dinero Calle Loreto y Chicote 9, 28004 Madrid, Spain | September 6-30, 2017

Finalist of Talent Madrid 2016 in the category "Theater"

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