LAIA CABRERA & CO. is an award-winning team of film, animators and visual artists based in New York, co-founded by Laia Cabrera and Isabelle Duverger, producing a wide range of multimedia projects, from traditional and experimental filmmaking, to the use of film and video streams in live performance, multimedia theater, video-mapped projection design and site-specific installation.

We are exploring new ways of using the space and the visual imaginary as a tool for narrative storytelling and audience connection. Our aim is to revitalize and strengthen the intercommunication of different artistic languages.
Our work in film, animation, and projection design has been commissioned
and presented in Europe, the USA and Latin America.


Laia Cabrera & Co. is the recipient of the Silver Telly Awards 2016 (highest distinction) for Outstanding Directing, for the documentary "Haute Jewelry Designer Alexandra Mor: Story & Inspiration", Bronze Telly Awards 2014 for the "An Ecosystem Transforming Healthcare Through Technology" for best Art Direction, the AVA Awards 2013, platinum winner for "How the SHIN-NY Makes Life Better" and gold winner for "Why We Do This Work - Alie Cohen's Story", Communicator Award 2013 for Online Advertising for "NYeC Patient Portal Campaign" the Silver and Bronze Telly Awards 2013 for the "How the SHIN-NY Makes Life Better" for best animation and "Why We Do This Work - Alie Cohen's Story" for best documentary.

Laia Cabrera and Isabelle Duverger have also been 3-time nominated for Outstanding Innovative Design (Projection Design, Video-Art and Animations) for The New Stage Theatre Company's production of Garden of Delights at the New York Innovative Theater Awards 2013, Cosmicomics at the NYIT 2014 and Night at the NYIT 2015 and won with New Stage Theatre Company the NYIT Award 2015 for Outstanding Performance Art Production for Night.

Laia Cabrera & Co. Film, Projection Mapping & Interactive Art New York, United States 
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