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NYeC How the SHIN-NY Saves lives Campaign 2013

Deutsches Haus Language Program Promo Video, 2015

Opener for NYeC Accelerator Conference 2012 at The Times Center, NYC


Painting to Survive - The Work of David Friedman

NYeC Digital Health Conference 2011 Opener

Editing Concert Attwenger at Deutsches Haus 2012

INTERVIEW OF DAN BROWN for all hispanic TV networks, 2009 - Director Laia Cabrera

The Diamond Oak

Branding Video, 2019

AR & DEE Short Documentary, 2012

Close-Up: Verónica Gago

Spring 2023 Andrés Bello Chair In Latin American Cultures And Civilizations

FIT denim Video Documentary 2015

OUTSIDERS 2009 - Adriana López for Catarsi TV
Director Laia Cabrera

MARC INGRAM's BRIDAL ATELIER documentary, 2009
for MARTHA STEWART website

Editing for Feature Documentary "Cachao: Uno Mas" - 2008
PBS American Master featuring Cachao and Andy Garcia

FIT denim Video Documentary, 2018 (Watch more video)

Digital Health Conference 2012 Opener, NYC

Advertizement for all hispanic medias and TV channels
Broadcasted in the US and Latin America

VivaVoz, V-ME TV 2007 - Director Laia Cabrera

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